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Who we are

GREEN TOWN LP Gas Ltd is one of the private LPG plant in the country. It has a higher production rate. It possesses 5000MT storage capacity Spherical Tank, which is the largest capacity among all the LPG plant in Bangladesh. LPG is an intermediate product that is situated between natural gas and crude oil.LPG is a mixture of Propane (40%) and Butane (60%). LPG is one of the common fuels in our country where natural gas is not available. Gradually it has become a very popular fuel in our country. In the near future Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will be used in transportation, households and industries massively as alternative energy.

GREEN TOWN LP Gas Limited is one of the subsidiaries of Green Land Town Group and one of the private LP Gas Storing, bottling and marketing company in Bangladesh. It has its own jetty facilities and LPG sourcing is solely import oriented. Storage facility consists of one spherical tank having 5000MT capacity and has one set of carousal system having 24 filling posts. The plant can refill up-to 1,000 cylinders per hour.