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Leakage Cylinder

Commonly used in our everyday lives, LPG cylinders are something most of us wouldn’t be able to cook without. But these harmless looking cylinders can actually be dangerous. Known to cause horrific mishaps, LPG cylinders can leak and cause severe damage to both your health and property. In this post we answer all your health and safety related queries about cylinders.

How does a LPG gas leak occur?

Gas leaks can occur from defective rubber tubing (ones that connect the cylinder’s outlet to our burner), faulty regulator fitting and poor handling of gas appliances. Apart from that leaving the dish you are cooking unattended can cause the food to spill over,  which in turn douses the burner and causes gas leak.

What you should do in case of a gas leak

The smallest spark or flame can ignite gas fumes and cause an explosion, so here are the steps you should take:

**Actions to avoid during an LP Gas leakage
  • Open the kitchen door and windows for the leaked gas to spread out.
  • Immediately shut off the stove knob.
  • Detach the regulator from the cylinder
  • Never test a leakage with lighting fire.
  • Avoid switching mobile phones or electric switches on and off.
  • Avoid smoking anywhere around the suspected leakage area.
**Actions to take during an LPG leakage
  • Shut off any sort of lighting medium.
  • Turn off the Main Electric Switch.